Interior Design Show, Toronto, 2013

In collaboration with IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) and ARIDO (Association of Interior Designers of Ontario) three commissioned artworks were presented at the Interior Design Show 2013 in Toronto. The exhibition space was configured to incorporate 3 public consultation areas where members of the public are invited to consult with an IDC member interior desiger. Layout of the space was designed by 1point0 Interior Design Consultants incorporating furniture elements from NIEUW.


Underground Kiln, Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto, 2012

Underground Kiln makes visible a brick-firing kiln that was once at the heart of The Toronto Brickworks. Based upon archeological plans of the excavated site, Paul Aloisi and Dan Bergeron realized an overhead view of the demolished kiln by painting it on the parking lot that now covers it, in the exact location and at the exact scale of the original. This large scale painting brings the shape of the kiln’s foundation and its complex flue system to the surface in an imaginative relationship to the lines, boundaries and points of passage that comprise the current parking lot. Here, the technology of the past intersects with the systems of the present to visualize the palimpsest of human marks on this historic site.


RRVM c. P12.2, Public Intervention, Montreal, 2010

While living in Montreal in 2010 I worked as an artist in residence at an artist run center in the Belgo Building called SKOL. It was a collaborative residency based on the structure of a relay race: each artist created a work in response to the documentation of a work by another artist. With each stage of the process artists worked inside the gallery and then in public space. This lead me to research current public space issues in Montreal and I found that there was a Supreme Court battle going on regarding the right to poster in public places. The only legit spaces for postering were apparently on temporary construction hoarding – you wouldn’t know it since these hoardings are dominated by a private promotions company named Publicite Sauvage. My response to this controversy was to paste white paper over their posters on a burned out building – my glue mix was infused with lotus oil – I wore a T-Shirt printed with the Montreal postering by-laws. This installation lasted 2.5 days before nearly the same configuration of posters was replaced. A video abstraction of this process was created by Simon Benedict another artist participating in the residency.

Video Work by Simon M. Benedict based on footage of this intervention


Don’t Worry Mom, Public Intervention, 2009

While in Barcelona on a research mission I met two french film makers JC Lacour and Clemente Bamelou of ProtoFono who were looking to collaborate with visual artists. Between beers, while walking up Las Ramblas we found a book full of temporary tattoo designs – this is a video of what happened next… Don’t Worry Mom!