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Collective Fragments, Toronto, 2013

Site specific installation commissioned for the Grolsch Open House at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The pop-up party spact was positioned in the heart of all the festival action, taking over the corner lot at Pearl & John Street over the Toronto International Film Festival’s Opening Weekend.

Client: Grolsch Canada
Materials: salvaged wood, mylar, zip ties, pipe clamps



IDS13, Interior Designers of Canada, Toronto, 2013

In collaboration with IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) and ARIDO (Association of Interior Designers of Ontario) three commissioned artworks were presented at the Interior Design Show 2013 in Toronto. The exhibition space was configured to incorporate 3 public consultation areas where members of the public are invited to consult with an IDC member interior desiger. Layout of the space was designed by 1point0 Interior Design Consultants incorporating furniture elements from NIEUW.

X-Grid Light, Crack Festival, Rome, 2011

Shadow projection has been a recurring element in several works produced since 2008. Here at Forte Prenestino in Rome Italy at the 6th edition of the renowned underground festival of drawn and printed art, the Crack Festival , I was attracted to the brightly coloured patterns of fruit boxes at a local market and transformed them into this shadow casting object.

The Wheel, Almeria, Spain, 2011

Site specific intervention into an abandoned mineral water bottling plant just out side of Almeria in the Andalucia region of southern Spain. Each of the installation elements is made of empty water containers found at the site. Multiple bottles were assembled into modular units from which a variety of interactive structures were built. As evening arrived the built structures were illuminated by inserting LED key chains into the bottles.

A suspended pendulum swung back and forth. A giant wheel rolled through the warehouse. Modular totems were built up to modify space.

Materials: found plastic water bottles, packing tape, LED’s, rope
In collaboration with JC Lacour




Environment, Architecture of Community, Gallery 1313, Toronto, 2010

Architecture of Community was co-curated by Phil Anderson and Elizabeth Underhill group exhibition which called upon artists to reflect on issues relating to public space and the impact our built up world has on a community.
“Environment” is an intermedia installation which explores surface and structure by projecting video through a kinetic sculpture onto 3 faceted walls of the gallery. The work is both physical and immaterial while defining the geometry of the space it occupies. The experience of this installation landed between hypnotic and meditative.

Materials: watercolour paper, motor, plastic gears, salvaged x-ray viewer light box, projector, video, on custom plinth.






Outer Self, Fashion Art Toronto, 2010

Site specific intermedia installation as part of “The Dressing Room Project” at Fashion Art Toronto, alternative arts and fashion festival.

As one entered the small room light flickered and reflected across the space. A stop motion animation filled the fragmented mirror with gradating white and blue patterned light. Audible sounds from headphones suspended from a geometric structure mounted overhead lead visitors into an alternate reality. The accompanying soundscape produced in collaboration with sound designer Estelle Hebert moved along paced with the kinetic light. Low lying organic surfaces were inviting places to sit and take in this constructed experience

Materials: plywood, printed paper, steel, salvaged wood, zip ties, adhesive vinyl, mirror glass, carpet, video, projector, audio, headphones




Tronic Tower, Pop-Up Poster Festival, Ancona ITA, 2009

Over 100 international artists submitted poster works to the 2nd edition of the Pop Up Poster Art Festival in Ancona Italy. Ancona is a port town on the Adriatic coast with a strong fishing history – the curator, Allegra Corbo has worked closely with local industry to transform and revitalize the port with contemporary art. A freestyle postering session was held in the Cooperativo Pescatori – a space still used by fishermen to repair damaged nets. It smelled like fish and was hard to avoid tripping on the nets as the inaugural event went on and the wine kept flowing.
My work makes structural reference to a light house and was positioned relative to a portrait of 3 female characters by Italian artist BR1.

Client: Pop Up Poster Festival
Materials: india ink on paper, pasted to wall