Don’t Worry Mom, Public Intervention, 2009

While in Barcelona en route to an artists residency in Prague in 2009 I was introduced to two french film makers, JC Lacour and Clemente Bamelou of ProtoFono, by a gallerist I had shared my work with. They had been collaborating with visual artists were looking to continue a series of videos they were working on. During our initial meeting, at some point between beers, while walking up Las Ramblas we found a book full of temporary tattoo designs lost by a beach vendor who would draw these impermanent artworks on sunbathing tourists. Witin 24hrs of discovering this collection I worked to transform this book into a temporary intervention on the doors of a pre-school located in Plaza de Sant Felip Neri.

This video is the result of our time together and documents the creative process:



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