Synesthesia, Davenport Underpass, Toronto 2014

“Synesthesia” is a public artwork comprised of two 9’x100′ murals on the east and west walls of  the Davenport Road underpass at Dupont Street in Toronto.  The west wall is an interactive installation which offers a synesthetic experience to passersby. The above video demonstrates demonstrates the effect of the interactive aspect of the work.

aloisi_synesthesia_conceptrendering_web_blackOn the west wall the mural’s composition is derived from sound recordings of trains made on site at the mural location. A sound-based artwork was arranged from these recordings and then translated into an abstract visual representation painted onto the walls. The interactive component of the project encourages visitors to engage directly with their surroundings. By calling a phone number posted at the site one can listen to the sound recording while imagining the relationships of colour and shape within the artwork. Dial 416-222-4897 to check it out.

Synesthesia East Wall – Typogaphic installation
Connecting back to my roots in typographic experimentation, the east wall employs a rhythmic grid to imply the movement of the vehicles and people moving over and under this bridge. The word Synesthesia flows through the diagonal grid which derives inspiration from the painted locomotives of CP and CN rail.







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