Tronic Tower, Pop-Up Poster Festival, Ancona ITA, 2009

Over 100 international artists submitted poster works to the 2nd edition of the Pop Up Poster Art Festival in Ancona Italy. Ancona is a port town on the Adriatic coast with a strong fishing history – the curator, Allegra Corbo has worked closely with local industry to transform and revitalize the port with contemporary art. A freestyle postering session was held in the Cooperativo Pescatori – a space still used by fishermen to repair damaged nets. It smelled like fish and was hard to avoid tripping on the nets as the inaugural event went on and the wine kept flowing.
My work makes structural reference to a light house and was positioned relative to a portrait of 3 female characters by Italian artist BR1.

Client: Pop Up Poster Festival
Materials: india ink on paper, pasted to wall